Ecumenical Community of Chautauqua


Step Up for ECOC

The Board of ECOC has approved four property projects they would like accomplished prior to opening of 2019 season. There are some funds available from the last capital campaign, but not enough to complete the projects. The amount needed to make up the difference: $30,000.

The Four Projects:

  • Rebuild the Shaw House stairwells which are woefully out of code and dangerous
  • An additional toilet & shower for Bird-Werner 2nd floor – currently 1 toilet & shower serves 11 people
  • Membrane to cover B-W 4th floor balcony to stop leakage to porch below
  • Widen the platform that connects 3rd floor Shaw and 2nd floor B-W porches to make current emergency exit route safer

Your Support: Time to Step Up

The support of the ECOC community is needed. Think of the first project as a guide. There are 30 steps in Shaw – $1,000 per step. Might you fund a step? Or half a step? (Sorry, no plaques will be attached to individual steps!) Or some other amount according to your circumstance? While we are using the idea of “stepping up,” know that funds received will go to accomplish all 4 projects.


Step Up Now

  • Progress toward goal will be posted on ECOC web site.
  • Mail donations to:
    Ecumenical Community of Chautauqua
    P.O. Box 988
    Chautauqua, N.Y. 14722
  • Mark check “step up”
  • If wanting to fund via a stock donation or IRA distribution, contact Bob Boell, 610.544.3789 or

It’s as simple as stepping up…and thanks!