Ecumenical Community of Chautauqua

Room Reservation Information

RESERVATIONS: All reservations will be processed beginning
February 1st, using the postmark date. The processing order is:
Clergy – 2018 Volunteers – Returning Guests – New Guests.

Rooms are rented by the week from Saturday afternoon to Saturday morning. Guests can stay a maximum of 3 weeks. A limited number of first floor rooms with half or full baths will be given first to people whose age and health require them. Please indicate several room choices on your Reservation Request.  NO SPECIFIC ROOM NOR KITCHEN IS GUARANTEED from year to year. All guests’ names must be included on the Reservation Request form at the time of booking. Changes must be reported prior to Check-In.

ACCOMMODATIONS: We have three quaint buildings, each with its own host and hostess and supervised by the Managers. Guest rooms are on four (4) floors and all guests have use of our friendly conversational porches.

  • All rooms have sinks and most rooms share a bathroom on each floor.
  • Pillows, blankets and bedspreads, mattress pads and pillowcase covers are provided.
  • Please bring your own sheets and towels. NOTE: Bring your own soap.
  • If necessary, linens (sheets and towels) may be rented for $20.00 (plus tax) per person per week
  • You will be assigned refrigerator*, table space and shelf space in one of our community kitchens. Special kitchen requests will be honored, if possible.
  • Cookware, small appliances, eating utensils, dish soap and dish towels are provided.
  • We ask our guests to clean their own room and kitchen space at the end of their stay.

By doing your own cleaning, YOU help keep room rates low.
All cleaning are supplies are provided. THANK YOU!

  • NEW – a $25.00 room cleaning fee ($40 for an apartment) will be charged to all guests who do not follow room cleaning procedures. The fee must be paid prior to the next year’s registration.
  • If you are unable to clean your room, a fee of $25.00 (paid in advance) will be added to your lodging invoice.

*Please remember refrigerator space is SHARED and LIMITED

ROOM RATES: The room rate depends on several things: if the room has a private bath, the floor the room is on, and whether the guest is clergy. Rates do not include linens (sheets and towels) and New York State Sales Tax. We have single rooms, double rooms, family units and two (2) apartments that sleep up to six (6) people. Rates range from $180.00 to $600.00 a week.


  • Five (5) double rooms and two (2) single rooms – are available at the Ecumenical Community of Chautauqua. Call the Registrar for information.
  • Mail Options: Rent a box from the Chautauqua Post Office or arrange for your mail to be
    forwarded once a week from your home post office.


  • ECOC wants to provide safe accommodations for everyone. We require that
    individuals are capable of self-care, physically and mentally, and able to evacuate the
    building in an emergency without the use of an elevator. If you have any questions
    regarding this requirement, please contact the Managers.
  • We strongly recommend children (12 and under) staying with us be enrolled
    in Children’s School, Club or classes as we do not have a play area and we are
    located next to the Amphitheater.
  • Children (12 and under) must be under parents’ supervision while they are in
    the buildings (including the kitchens) and are not to be left on their own while parents attend programming.
  • An adult must reside in the room if the children are 18 years old and younger.
    permitted in the three houses, on the porches or around the buildings.
  • Bicycles must be labeled with owner’s name and parked in the ECOC bike racks provided. Bicycle LOCKS are recommended. Bikes CANNOT be stored in guest’s
    room. Registering your bicycle with the Main Gate may increase your chances of recovering your bicycle if it is borrowed (stolen). 😊
  • Limited number of ECOC bicycles are available for occasional use by guests.
  • Quiet times are between 11 P.M. and 7 A.M.
  • Rooms have a limit to the number of occupants.
  • NEW – When planning your stay, know that we have added a propane grill to our cooking options in 2017.   So, be sure to bring food to barbecue!!
  • The ECOC does not rent to Chautauqua property owners.
  • Remember – If you are coming for multiple weeks, be aware there is NOT shelf space for ALL your food in the kitchen.

Booking a room with us means you agree to abide by these policies.


  • Check-in is on first floor of the Shaw House (see OFFICE sign front porch)
  • Check-in time is Saturday between 2:30 P.M. & 6 P.M. (Directions from the Main Gate to the Shaw, Bird-Werner & Westervelt Houses are on the BLUE information sheet included with your room Confirmation document).
  • Other times can be arranged by calling the Registrar cell phone 716 581-3659
  • The balance of your room rental is due when you Check-In. Cash or Check
    made payable to ECOC.  Credit or Debit Cards accepted for in person Check-In.  All checks
    & money orders must be in US Funds. No foreign currency.
  • Check-Out time at the end of your stay is at 10:00 A.M. on Saturday.
  • Note that your weekly gate pass expires at 10 AM and you may be liable for
    an additional Gate Fee for late departure.


A deposit of $100.00 per room per week is required with your reservation request. If your room reservation is cancelled after April 30, 2019 your room deposit will not be refunded and will be considered a tax deductible gift to ECOC and a receipt for tax purposes will be mailed to you.

Please provide a self-addressed stamped business size (#10 letter size) envelope with the completed Reservation Request form, Deposit and Building Upkeep Gift.

Completion of the ECOC Policies Acknowledgement and Emergency Contact Information* form MUST be included with your Reservation Request. A room Confirmation will not be sent until this document is received.

Please remember, ECOC has no endowment or source of income other than room rents and gifts. For this reason, we encourage a voluntary Building Upkeep Gift of $30 or more per room per week. This optional charitable gift can be considered tax deductible.

NOTE: Room assignment follows ECOC registration guidelines and is NOT dependent on whether or not an Upkeep Gift is included. These gifts enable those who can pay more to do so and yet help keep low-cost for those who cannot pay more.


From September 1, 2018 to June 10, 2019
Please send mail to:
Carol Maxwell, Registrar
Ecumenical Community of Chautauqua
PO Box 208 Warren, Ohio 44482-0208
716 581-3659 /

From June 11, 2019 to August 24, 2019
Please send mail to:
Carol Maxwell, Registrar
Ecumenical Community of Chautauqua
PO Box 988 Chautauqua, New York 14722
716 581-3659 /

THANK YOU for choosing to spend your time in Chautauqua with us at the Ecumenical Community of Chautauqua.
We look forward to hearing from you!

A community of religious inclusion and compassion, providing hospitality and affordable accommodations, promoting dialogue, fellowship and growth.


Agreement to Follow ECOC Policies and Emergency Contact Form*
MUST be submitted with the Room Reservation Request*
Reservation CANNOT be Confirmed without this form


The same room and kitchen assignment is not guaranteed from year to year!

Rooms have a maximum number of occupants!
An adult must reside in the room where children are 18 years and younger!
The ECOC does not rent to Chautauqua property owners!

*requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 

Updated January 1, 2019