Ecumenical Community of Chautauqua


Gift of Time

Giving your time is another way of serving ECOC and it has a side benefit of working with others who also have ECOC in their heart. Here are three possibilities:

Serve on a Committee – The Board has a number of committees that facilitate the operation of ECOC.  Each Board member serves on a committee along with non-Board members from ECOC community. Here are the current committees: Communications ▪ Development ▪ Finance (and Investment subcommittee) ▪ History ▪ House Presence ▪ Personnel ▪ Program ▪ Property ▪ Scholarship ▪ Long Range Planning Team ▪ Nominating

To volunteer or for further information, contact:

Rev. Wayne A. Gnatuk , President of the Board

Member of Board of Directors – this is a volunteer position without remuneration.  The Nominating Committee recommends candidates for election by the Board. Terms of service are for five years. The Board meets at Chautauqua for an Annual Meeting at the close of the summer season and for a pre-season meeting, generally at Chautauqua, and monthly meetings via conference call or Zoom. The Board has oversight of the entire function of ECOC, including hiring of managers, policy documents, and receiving reports and recommendations from its committees.

There is a form available for recommending someone to the Nominating Committee as a candidate for election. It is also perfectly legitimate to self-recommend. Please complete our recommendation form. (Note: form requires Adobe Acrobat Reader free software. Use the Fill and Sign feature in Acrobat Reader to type in form),

Work Days – pre-season and post-season work days are held to prepare the buildings for the season and to close up at the end. Tasks range from light to more labor intensive. A variety of skills are needed. It is always a great time of fellowship with fellow ECOC’ers. There is no charge for room during the work days. Those who work the minimum 8 hours receive priority consideration for reservations the following season.

For dates and further information, contact:

E. Carol Maxwell, Registrar