Ecumenical Community of Chautauqua


Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet for Securing The Future

What will be the cost of all projects proposed by the campaign?

The estimated cost of the work is projected to be about $300,000.

What are the projects?

Bird-Werner building safety:

•  Remove the existing Bird-Werner porches and wooden fire escapes.

•  Construct new, wider porches for Bird-Werner. Refer to architectural drawing in the “Secure the Future” brochure.

•  Install a new metal fire escape stairs on the north side of Bird-Werner.

•  Remove the central wooden staircases in the Bird-Werner. The exits for each of the upper living floors will be the elevator, the stair tower and the metal fire escape. New utility lines will be added to each of the upper floors for additional bathrooms.

•  Estimated cost: $210,000

Shaw building safety:

•  Construct a new fire escape route from the third floor of the Shaw to connect with the Bird-Werner and the metal fire stairs.

•  Reconfigure the evacuation route within the Shaw to facilitate safe and speedy exiting in a case of emergency.

•  Estimated cost: $46,000

Improve comfort of guests:

•  Improve the ventilation in the Westervelt building.

•  Estimated cost: $6,000

•  Refurbish various rooms in the Shaw and Westervelt with new electrical, wallboard, paint, trim and flooring.

•  Estimated cost: $48,000

When will the projects start?

The first major project could begin after the 2014 season if enough funds have been received. The project will be the fire-resistant link between the Bird-Werner and the Shaw buildings.

Why this campaign now?

The two major projects contribute significantly to the safety of the two houses on Roberts.  The other projects will add a higher degree of comfort for our guests.

What percent of the ECOC is occupied during a nine-week season?

In 2013 the occupancy rate was 96 %.

Approximately how many different faith groups are represented in a season?

Our guests represented Judaism, Buddhism, Unitarianism, and appropriately 30 Christian denominations as well as persons with no faith community.

Does ECOC have any indebtedness?

No.  All previous projects have been fully funded.

How successful have been recent fund campaigns at ECOC?

We have had two fund-raising campaigns since 2006, which exceeded our goals, raising a total of $586,000.

What projects have been funded by recent campaigns?

The projects that have been funded are: a new Elevator and tower; replacing three foundation walls in the Shaw; complete remodeling of the Shaw kitchen including new floor, windows, ceiling and lighting; complete remodeling and expansion of the Bird-Werner kitchen including new windows, addition of a utility room and elevator equipment room, a handicapped bathroom and connecting corridor to the Shaw kitchen; a new handicapped walkway and entrance to the Bird-Werner from Roberts Avenue; and stabilizing the Westervelt by jacking up the south side of the building and putting in new concrete supports and new floor joists on the north side.

Has ECOC considered borrowing money to fund projects?

If we borrowed monies, we would have to raise the room rates to repay the loan. We are committed to keeping our room costs low.

What are the sources of income for ECOC?

The main source of income is from rentals; the secondary sources are the very modest gifts that people submit with their reservations.  There are no other outside sources other than direct fund raising.

Does ECOC have an endowment?

We do not have an endowment although we have a very small “rainy day” fund for emergencies.

Is there any financial assistance from Chautauqua Institution?

No. The Chautauqua administration is very supportive of our ministry, but does not support us financially.

Is support being sought from people outside the community of those who stay at ECOC?

Yes. During the last campaigns we solicited gifts from the larger Chautauqua community and we plan to approach selected individuals during this campaign.

Have foundations been approached for support?

Yes. In the initial campaign we sent in a number of applications and support materials to a variety of foundations. We received one grant; the major foundations stated that they could not support religious organizations.

How may I contribute to the campaign?

• The best way is by making a pledge that is payable over the three years of the campaign; one-time gifts are also welcome.

• By donating stock. ECOC has a stock account. Check our web site for the procedure,

• If you work for a company that has a matching gift program, please see if ECOC might be eligible.