Ecumenical Community of Chautauqua


ECOC Vaccination Policy for Summer 2021

Final version, board approved at 25 January 2021 meeting

All guests are required to receive a completed series of COVID-19 vaccine prior to staying at the
Ecumenical Community of Chautauqua (ECOC) for the 2021 Season. The series must be completed at
least two weeks prior to the beginning of the stay.

There are three allowable exceptions:
1) individuals who obtain a medical exemption from a treating physician or nurse practitioner
(e.g., individuals with risks of severe allergic reactions to the vaccine);
2) individuals who will not have had an opportunity to obtain the vaccine because it was not yet
available to them prior to staying at the ECOC (e.g., those under a certain age with no medical
conditions); and,
3) individuals that can demonstrate a religious exemption (e.g., Church of Christ, Scientist, Dutch
Reformed Congregations).

Exempted individuals will be required to obtain a PCR COVID-19 test within a week prior to staying at
the ECOC and show proof of a negative test. The religious exemption must be agreed to by the ECOC