Ecumenical Community of Chautauqua


2020 Improvements

This past summer we had a skeleton crew of ambitious volunteers and we accomplished numerous tasks.

  • We painted five guest rooms in the Westervelt, and replaced carpeting in four of those rooms.
  • We painted the hallway and the Bird-Werner kitchen as well as the outside of the Westervelt.
  • We rented a carpet machine and were able to clean the kitchen carpets thoroughly.
  • We totally re-carpeted the Bird-Werner. We remodeled a bathroom on the 3rd floor of the B-W.
  • We also tiled all the “pots and pans” shelves in all three kitchens with the help of Diane Andrasik.
  • Aimee Doershuk, our own guest and board member, is busy making quilts. We are looking forward to seeing those beautiful quilts in our guest rooms.